Roof Maintenance Agreements

Your roof is a major investment. To maximize your investment Enterprise Roofing Service, Inc. offers annual and bi-annual maintenance agreements based on your facility. For a flat fee based on your specific roof, we perform a thorough inspection, drain cleaning, minor repairs, and other necessary maintenance to prepare your roof for the rainy season and summer heat.   Regular maintenance is the best way to avoid leak emergencies during the rainy season.

With each maintenance visit, we provide you with a report to keep you apprised of the state of your roof and a record of your preventative maintenance efforts.

In addition to patching, repairs and cleaning, there are a number of remediation systems that can be installed to prolong the life or your roof. Fluid-applied coatings are a cost-effective and prudent means of increasing the life span of your asset. They are also able to help reduce your building cooling costs during the warm summer months.